“Lake Lightning”


“Lake Lightning” is a one of a kind muti-stone Necklace set in Sterling Silver, and suspended from a handmade sterling silver chain. The Golden Rutiles in the top rectangular and middle round faceted Rutilated Quartz stones evoke the feeling of lightning flashing. The lower Tear Drop Shaped Rough Lapis Lazuli’s golden matrix shimmers across it’s rough blue surface like lightning reflecting on a stormy lake. A truly unique dazzling pairing!

Pendant: Total Length: 8.5 cm
Rectangular Faceted Rutilated Quartz Stone: 2 cm wide X 16 mm long, Golden Rutiles
Round Faceted Rutilated Quartz Stone: 8mm round, Copper Rutiles
Rough Lapis Lazuli: 38 mm long X 2 cm wide
Chain: 46 cm long